So, how did we meet?

This seems to be a very common question I get whenever I told someone about Anne. So, here's the story:

If you remember my previous date, albeit a short one, was with this girl who used to work in the same company. When I started to pursue her, she was shy. In one group lunch, she brought Lina as a companion. I brought Alpinesis. After a few more group dates, me and her became a couple. Then, Alpinesis fell in love with Lina. It was funny how things worked out since then. The girl and I broke up and Alpinesis and Lina were still going strong for the next 1.5 years.

Even though Alpinesis and Lina were going out, they have one small problem. Lina's mother objected their "union". She cited Alpinesis' height as the issue. Anyway, long story short, our love birds have been quietly going out together. No one in Lina's family know about this.. until 3 months ago when they told Lina's sisters about their secret relationship to get their support... and hopefully their mother's.

Then, one day, Alpinesis told me that he wanted to introduce girls to me. He said that they are Lina's sisters. Lina has two elder sister: Sandy (eldest) and Anne (2nd sister) . Ha ha hahahahaha .. Ok stop laughing please. It DOES sound like a "Canto serial" script, doesn't it? What to do? It's real. It's life. Normally I'd say "no need la.. so weird.." but sometimes, something inside me tell me what the heck.. it's not like I have a lot of things to do that weekend. So, we arranged for a karaoke-outing session and coffee after that. In a nutshell, that's how we first met.

I still remember when I first saw her.

We were waiting for her in her office in the building opposite The Beach, KL. We stopped opposite the road, somewhere at the side of Modesto. She was across the road, coming out of the building taking a brisk walk towards us. She's in white, sleeveless blouse. The fact that I could still remember what she wore on our first meeting showed that she must have left a big impression on me.

When I first saw her, it's like, wow.. that's a nice girl (not sure why Sandy didn't have that effect.. hahaha). I can almost hear some distant lightning flashed by or thunder clapping somewhere or some angels rejoicing. Ha ha ha. I know, I know it is absurd but the truth is that sometimes, when you meet someone for the first time, you know you like the person already. I am sure you have experience it before.

In the karaoke, we sang songs together and I found that we complemented each other pretty well. Of course after karaoke, I proposed a trip to Starbucks to, well talk. The Starbucks was full so we ended up in Coffee Bean instead. We talked a lot. She's a very pleasant woman and she makes me happy just talking to her. She can be pretty funny and when she laughs, one can't help but laugh with her.

So, Alpinesis and Lina arranged for another outing - a dinner and movie session. This time we really do get along very well and after that I asked her out on a few 1-1s. In one of the 1-1s, I told her how I feel, she said she feels the same way about me and voila... things move from there :) So who says there's no such thing as chemistry at first sight, eh, Mr Anti Ringgit?

Ha ha.. thinking back.. it's funny... because of me, Alpinesis knew Lina. Then, because of him, I get to know Anne, even though it was one and a half years later. And the timing's perfect. Anne has recently quit from an audit firm where she was a Senior Auditor and joined a petroleum company. If I were to know her any earlier, she wouldn't have the time to go out since she worked very late into the wee hours every day. So things are like falling into place like a bricks in a Tetris game.

And you know what? I have asked God for a girl like Anne and He has responded. This has, in turn, strengthen my faith and prompted the Double Journey. He truly works in a mysterious ways.


  1. well prayers answered... given thanks to God? its never too late :P

  2. Eh, let me guess, you had a blog as a reminder to yourself to put up an act ....I presumed itu Anniversary special day loh :P


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