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1st Day of April

A couple of years ago, on April Fools Day, I have been tricked. I remember coming into the office and before I could put my stuff down, Bonnie and SG started screaming, "Ringgit, what have you done? You accidentally sent a note to everyone - something that is confidential and personal." I am like, oh no.. what have I done? So even though I pretended to be cool and booted my Thinkpad, I am like thinking really fast. What note did I sent that is so drastic?

It turned out that I have been a fool. Ignoramus! So gullible to fall for this.

This year, SG is in India. So Bonnie has no friends to play trick on me. Ha ha ha. But they reminded me that I was tricked. LOL! Memories. SG suggested (via instant messaging) to trick Mr Hog but Bonnie said there's no point fooling hog. He's so blur, you can fool him any hour at any day. No need to wait till April Fool. We had a good laugh!

In the evening, I went to KLCC with Guderain and mystic_grey. We saw John Travolta and Uma Thurman's Be Cool. Kinda ok type of light comedy. If you are bored, you could watch this show.

The April Fool's Day ended with a bang.

Happy April Fool Day everybody. Be good.


  1. Ringgit, baru remembered - i actually emailed Joey, tot of celebrating my 9th yr anniversary with you and him loh.....tapi he tak reply .....chikkkkk. Another sombong macam AR. I dah 2 bulan tak tengok wayang - wow.


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