Haze is a new vocabulary for Malaysians. I don't remember seeing haze 10 years ago. It seems to creep into our lives in the past few years.

Yesterday's haze was one of the worse I have ever seen. It covers the whole city. Visibility is less than 500 meter! I could not see the Ikea sign from LDP. I could not see KLCC twin tower from Concorde Hotel - I could only see the silouhette of both buildings. You can imagine how bad it is. When I go to my car porch, I could see haze and smelt haze! It has a rubbish burning smell. It's unhealthy.

Haze is a product of the immense heat that attacked us during Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb). The sun is so strong and the heat so unrelentless that the bush and forest caught fire resulting in this terrible haze.

Thankfully, there was a heavy downpour of rain on Sunday morning. That ought to have cleared the haze...


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