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So, there I was, in the office yesterday evening waiting for 4.30pm when Bonnie suddenly walked over for a chat. She asked if I have any news or gossips... and I said I didn't have any. I think she's really bored so she wanted to come over and disturb me. I asked her if anything happened over at boss' house after I left (refer Day 5 of this post). She said nothing much except that she was pissed at this particular colleague. The colleague teased her relentlessly. Something about her bulging stomach. She said that she had to call her husband for help and saying that the shortie (that colleague was vertically challenged, you see) is making fun of her. She said she didn't feel guilty at all for calling him a shortie.

Then the conversation moved on to Mr Miser and we had a good laugh at him again. Somehow or other she mentioned about another colleague who was sick and did not come to work. She said she hope the colleague is feeling fine. I said that well, sometimes, you just have to take care of your body by taking vitamins and not laughing at people who takes vitamins. Bonnie and this colleague used to laugh at me whenever they saw me popping vitamins after lunch. I used to be pissed at them - I mean, wtf is wrong with these people? Is there something wrong in taking vitamins?

I took this opportunity to remind Bonnie not to laugh at people because what goes round comes around. When people take vitamins for health, don't laugh at them as you will get it one day. Otherwise, you will end up giving me MC slips non stop. As usual, she became defensive and started insulting me by saying that it was me who spread germs (well, I have sore throat yesterday and have been coughing). I said what does that have to do with this? She said that is why I don't need MC because even when I cough I still come to work and not stay at home.

I said do you notice that you have a very foul mouth? (I use the term "jin" mouth). Whatever that comes out of it are dirt and poison. This is not the first time you started personal insult at me. Maybe you don't really like me but why do you have to find fight? Naturally she gets pissed at my statement.

She said that perhaps she should not talk to me anymore. I said perhaps that is better for the sake of two of us.

We were pretty cool during this conversation. No raising of voice. Just matter of fact statement.

This morning, I asked her about some of the calls she's working. I said that the report shows that she has been closing some call in a different manner and is there a reason for doing that. She gave me a reluctant to speak look and again became defensive - "what you mean by closing in different manner? Isn't it BAU to close because of this criteria and that?". I said yes, I just want to find out. She wasn't looking at me when she said "I am doing it as per guidelines." Fine, thanks.

Later, we have a group lunch in KLGCC. Boss and I have been arranging this lunch so I told the team I need volunteer to drive 3 cars. I said I can't drive because my car is too hot to sit in. SG volunteered to drive. I said thanks. Then Bonnie said, with that disgust look, your car and SG's the same type. Why can't you drive? I ignored her and looked around for another volunteer. She kept on pressing the issue stating that my car is in the basement and I should be driving. Luckily SG said that I have problem with my a/c and therefore you wouldn't want to sit in ringgit's car. Deep inside, I was thinking, what is her problem??? How come I don't see you, Bonnie with that loud mouth of yours, volunteering to drive! In all other outings I have been driving. JEEZ!

So there goes my resolution eh. I really wanted to work with Bonnie. To start anew. But she's not helping me. Is this another test? I didn't ask for yesterday's argument. She started it by coming over to talk.


  1. You know what I think? I think you shouldn't have said about the foul mouth part. Maybe be more tackful. I guess you ruin your chance of mending things :) but then again i would depend whether you really did want to mend things...

  2. I realize I talked about foul mouth as far back as November 04. So yeah I don't really want to mend things on a personal level. We can still be co-workers, but we'll never be friends.


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