No More Thank You-s?

Just the week before CNY, I showed mystic_grey where Kepong's Kedai Telekom is. She moved to this new place in Jalan Kuching and needed to go to Kedai Telekom to apply for a line. Like in most banks, we have to get a number from an information counter manned by a girl. While waiting for her number to be called I watched at the happenings around the information counter.

I observed that almost all (100%) of the people who asked the girl question never said thank you when they received an answer. They collected the number, gave a nod and walked away! Even after asking a question about how to fill in a form, for example, these people would just walked off. Not even a simple thank you. The girl was pleasant and smiling. She must have will made of steel to be able to smile when faced with rude customers. No wonder "never said thank you" was an entry in the Rude Malaysian contest!

When we thanked the man that helped mystic_grey, he was pleasantly surprise. He smiled, thanked us and said Happy New Year. That's probably the first time I heard someone wish me Happy New Year this past week in Malaysia. Hmmm... and it came, from a Malay who don't celebrate CNY. Makes you think what a simple thank you could do eh?

On a side note, the barristers at Starbucks have been very helpful and courteous these days which made the customer at Starbucks felt welcome and happy. No wonder I tend to hang out in Starbucks more than I do Coffee Bean. Make a customer happy and they'll be loyal to you, for life.


  1. Eh, you are VERY ONG, if mystic_grey needs to apply Broadband Streamyx, please remind her to BRING you along to Kedai Telekom :).

    Kepong orang - rude - tak tahu cakap Terima Kasih :P ( just kidding, regardless of where - hopefully people especially those younger generation pass their Moral class lah )

  2. You are wrong wor.. I not ONG. mystic_grey didn't get her phone because Telekom said they are still laying cables are her new place.. so no phone...


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