A few months ago, the Bomba chief told me a story:
Rain was falling non stop in this small village for days. The village began to flood. Everyon has started packing and leaving the village except this holy man. He remained in his house praying to God. Later, somebody knocked on his door and when he opened it, he saw a little boy. Little boy told him "Uncle, the flood is coming fast. You better pack and get out of the village like the rest of us." Holy man looked at the boy and said "Boy, I have faith in God. He takes care of his children. He will save me." Boy ran away.

The water rushed into his house. The holy man has no choice but to climb to his roof. While he's on his roof, someone came by with a boat. "Mister", the man yelled, "hop onto the boat. I am here to rescue you." The holy man declined saying that "My faith is with God. He takes care of me. He will save me! No thanks. Save someone else." The boatman looked at him and then paddled away.

The water level rose. It became knee deep (even when he was on the roof). The holy man started to be afraid. He raised his hand to heaven and exclaimed, "Lord, I have complete faith in you. I know you will not abandon me". The water level climbed rapidly and it is now at chest level. All of a sudden, a helicopter came. The pilot lowered a ladder and asked the man to come up. "Are you crazy? Hurry up and grab the ladder or in a matter of minutes you'll drown!"

He said "No, God will take care of me. Go save someone else."

The helicopter flew away and he drowned.

In heaven, he met God and said "God, I have been faithful to you. I have said my prayers everyday. I didn't do bad things like stealing, killing and raping. I did not even visit prositutes like some of my friends in the village. But why did you abandon me and save them instead? Why didn't you come to me?"

God looked at him and said "I did come to save you. First I sent a little boy to warn you. When you declined, I sent a someone with a boat. And when you rejected that, I sent a helicopter! What else could I do?"

The moral of the story, according to Bomba Chief, is that God works through people. There is no such thing as a spirit coming out of nowhere to lift the holy man out of the water. God always works through people. Bomba Chief said that today I am here to teach you about fire hazard, fire equipment and fire alarm. Perhaps this is a message from God.

So, I ended up buying a RM70 fire alarm to install in the house :)


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