Life is such...

* this is one of my blogs that I wrote some time ago but never published. I decided not to change the date and kept it as the date it was originally written. *

There was once I told myself that if I could not find "Anne", I would not want to while my life away just living normal. Anne is a name I use to reference my imaginary, future girlfriend/wife. The name was inspired from the lead character of a children TV show that I saw when I was young. It's called Anne of Green Gables. I can still remember the lead character declaring with determination that it is called Anne, spelt with an "E".

You see, there are many stages of a person's life. People who are attached lead a different life. People who are married live differently. They have their own unique challenges and pleasures at each stage. Greedy once said that she now have the role of a wife and a daughter-in-law to play and that each role has it's own challenges and rewards. For someone who have not found his significant other, his life would be constant.. or changing at a lower rate. His "life" graph is probably just a straight line or perhaps with a slight slope. This is what I didn't want. I don't want to end up living constantly for the next 20 years. I want a change and what better way to change than to try living overseas?

I have always wanted to experience living and working abroad, especially in a country with four seasons in a year. When I am 50, I'd like to look back at my life and be content that I had lived in other countries beside Malaysia. The world is so big. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to only a small part of it?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be able to go out for a day and yet not shed a drop of sweat? How about the experience of walking along the walkway strewn with red and yellow leaves fallen from tress during autumn? Or smelling the fresh and fragrance air of spring we read so much about? How about experiencing the quiet and cleansing moment when it snow during winter? Or the challenges of driving on ice and snow.. hehehe... These are life experiences that I wish I had the opportunity to live. I have had enough of constant humidity and sun. I have had that for 30 years. It's about time to change it, don't you think so?

Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way.

In fact, it works cruelly. People who are married with kids who are not willing to part with their family are given the opportunity to work abroad for a couple of years. These are the people who said they hated their lives abroad because they missed their children and wife and they wish they never had to go - and that they will never understand why I envy them. Sigh..

I guess our lives are always being tested. The married ones and the singles are tested differently - each wanting the other's lifestyle. Life won't be fun without challenges, will it? I guess the way we overcome the trials (and being successful at it) are what the journey in this life is about.


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