Jobs and Girls

Events in the last few days led me to believe that landing an oversea job is as challenging as getting a good girlfriend. There is a disturbing similarity between the two and only the most blessed people will be able to obtain it. These people must have done something right somewhere in their life to deserve such blessing. I must have screwed up somewhere along the way.

Like girls, overseas jobs are in abundance. The challenge is in getting the good ones at the right time, in the right place.

Once in a while, you do happen to chance upon an opportunity – similarly, sometimes you do chance upon the perfect girl. The stars are aligned. The interviewers like you. You like the job. The people you will be working with get along real fine with you. There’s chemistry between you and the new team. Everybody wanted you there.

You click with the girl. Both of you are comfortable around each other. You have so much in common. The stars are aligned. You thought, this is it. She’s the one.

Then, just when you thought you finally have the long awaited break, the bubble bust. Factors beyond your control seem to come into play. You have need time getting the visa for the job. The management of the company feel that it cost too much to transfer you over compare to hiring locally. The interviewer, your teamlead, apologized for leading you on, giving you false hope as in his excitement to recruit you, he has forgotten to consult the powers that be. And the powers that be think it is not worth it to go through all these hassle with the immigration department to have you over.

It's like when you tell the girl how you feel about her, she said, em, hold on.. she has this dream. Her dream is that she wanted a man who has the same faith as she is. Yes, you two do get along very well, and you are a nice guy and all but unfortunately, this is not it. Or maybe, you know, she has this unachievable dream/career that she wanted to obtain first before settling down. Or maybe, it was her fantasy to marry her first boyfriend and that she’s still holding on to that thin strand of hope that maybe, one day, he’ll return to her.

So, yeah… landing a great job overseas is as impossible (to some people, namely yours truly) as getting that dream girl. Sometimes, it is hard to remain positive when the forces are working against you.


  1. Cheer up :), how about 'rejecting' the overseas job, so that you can meet your dream girl soon....have faith !

  2. does it mean that you didn't get the job?

    email me and let me know leh.


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