Revisiting EarthView

I'm still pretty mental about EarthView. I have installed it in my notebook which has higher resolution and thus able to a bigger area. Take a look at this background - it's morning in Middle East and just hit dawn in Egypt. Isn't it a beauty?

The best thing about EarthView is that your background updates in real time.. so one can really feel the world moving. You have the option of zooming to one part of the map or zooming out to see the whole world. You can choose to fix the camera at one continent or have the camera follow the sun. The latter means that as the sun rises from Japan to Europe, your background will show Aisa Pacific and slowly changes towards Europe. You get to choose what city to display, whether to have cities lights showing at night, the cloud density and opacity, Globe view or this paranomic view. Lots of things to configure.

Amazing software. Posted by Hello


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