One thing I realy like about blogger is that I get to choose the Archiving Frequency of my blog. Some people choose to archive weekly. I chose Monthly. That's why you see all the months listed in the header and footer of my blog (as opposed to the weeks). When you click a particular month, you get to see all my postings for the month.

I like to do this at month end. Click on March 2005, for example, and see what had happened for the past month. Granted, I don't blog all the events or happenings but at least certain post will remind me of specified events. I'm a nostlagic person, that's why.

Today is 31st March. It's the 1st quarter of the year. Wow. Time flies!!! Looking back, March is a very special month indeed. Niceeeeeeeeee!


  1. Xi Foo, I agree with you :), it's so nice to baca balik ....


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