Happy Easter

...to my Christian readers. Yesterday I followed a friend to witness his friend's baptism in a Catholic Church, St Xavier's Church in Jalan Gasing. I don't believe I have attended a mass at a Catholic Church before and I was pleasantly surprise that I feel very comfortable in a Catholic Church. All these times, I was under the impression that Catholic Church was very serious, rigid and unwelcoming. So I was very surprise that I actually feel comfortable in a Catholic Church. In fact, I find most other churches, expressive, in comparison.

I was always invited to a Lutheran Church because most of my friends are Lutherans. The only other Christian gatherings I went was my sister's last Christmas. She's from Bethany church, I believe another Protestant sect. In these churches, I find that people are overly friendly, overly expressive in their service and overly aggressive. Nothing wrong with that - it's just a different cup of tea :)

In the sermons, the people in the congregation will say "Thanks be to God". Funny thing is, I always thought that Muslims uses this exact phase. So, another thing I learned yesterday. Another interesting thing: The priest said why can't people build cathedrals like Notre Dame (in Paris) anymore? The reason is because in the olden days, people build cathedrals on faith. These days, people have a lot of opinions. You can only build cathedrals on faith not opinion. Hmmm.. quite true.. you don't hear people building cathedral these days, do you?

All in all, a very interesting night.


  1. Yo! dude, its St. Francis Xavier church, in short we always call it as SFX. Wow you went for mid nite mass.... :P cool dude.

    I actually prefer Assumption Church the one next to Assunta...

  2. Hmmm, interesting topic. Does this mean Catholic churches do not expand in this century ? As a humble new christian with limited knowledge ....I think the protestant churches has this 'missionary' mindset to expand wor.


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