Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Love is a verb

A couple of things that caught my interest today:
1. I am hooked to a blog written by a Canadian lady who lives in Egypt. I have always enjoy her writing style. I sometimes wish I could write as well as she does. In her blog, many people have requested her to publish a book about her lives in Egypt. She has been putting this off until today when she said that a publisher has shown interest and wanted to know who are her potential audience. If you like her work, email her and tell her. Hopefully we'll get a book to read by the bedside.

2. A Malay colleague is getting married this weekend. She's taking a two week vacation starting today. At 3pm, we had an urgent meeting. In this meeting, my manager presented her a gift and some money which the team generously contributed. While this is a pretty normal incident, what was unusual is the short "speech" that my manager gave when presenting the gift to her. She said love is a verb, not a noun. And verb means action, something you have to work on.

Hmmm, food for thoughts eh?


  1. HaHaHa ...I practically posted a blog in the email :). Motivated her that she has minimum 2 orders from me, one for myself, and one for Habibi Mido. By the time the book is ready, may be I'm also ready to visit Egypt again, and hand deliver a gift to Habibi !!

  2. Just want to add on to the 'verb'. It is one of the Fruit of Spirit :)

    All of us need to bear this fruit -it doesn't come free and easy.

    I truly wish you the best that U'll get to bear the best fruit on the special girl you will meet :) Have Faith .......