Friday, March 25, 2005

Speed Dial

My handphone has the follwing speed dial:
(( 1 )) Voice Mail - default.. cannot change
(( 2 )) reserved for my "rib"
(( 3 )) Home
(( 4 )) empty because the number Four is unlucky
(( 5 )) Anti Ringgit - for his birth month is May. I'm considering removing him out of slot 5 since he so lan si these days :P
(( 6 )) Loochomus because his birth date is on the 6th of July
(( 7 )) ZipD because his favourite number is 27 and the number 2 is already reserved
(( 8 )) Kimmikanuyi because she begged and begged and begged for the prosperous number
(( 9 )) My father, for no apparent reason other than he only have a handphone number last year and I called him quite often so 9 is as good as 1 (in terms of easy to remember).

Number 2 is unoccupied for just too long already....


  1. kimmikanuyi super muka tebal - 'begged and begged and begged'..chikkk :P. If my yan yuen so 'char', by all means downgrade me lah ...aiiiiii :P. U still have my speed dial '8' though

  2. You have to add me for one very good reason - RIP SONGS FOR U!


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