Texting and Driving..

In all three interventions -- absent minded, emotional and texting -- the researchers found that the drivers' handling of the wheel became jittery with respect to normal driving. This jittery handling resulted in significant lane deviations and unsafe driving only in the case of texting distractions. In the case of absent-minded and emotionally charged distractions, jittery steering resulted in straighter trajectories with respect to a normal drive and safer driving. via Sciencedaily

So study shows that if you are thinking of something or when you are emotionally distress, you can still drive well. That’s because your 'sixth sense’ can still help you control your steering wheel. But when you are texting, your sixth sense is not in control and as such, it’s easier for you to drive out of you normal lane.

Please don’t text and drive. It’s not worth your live. That other party can wait.


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