Monday, May 23, 2016


I think everyone agrees that teachers play an important role in cultivating interest in school. But how many good teachers do we have?

Today, Jane was having slight fever and didn't go school. This evening, as she laid on the bed, she asked if she could go to school tomorrow. She said she really want to go school because she missed her class teacher. Her class teacher WhatsApp my wife asking if she was ok. Cikgu said missed Jane's inquisitive questions. Jane asked her 'macam macam soalan' (all sort of questions) because she sits just in front of the teacher's table. What surprised me was Jane's willingness to open up and ask questions. It's not something she easily do with people she does not know. That means, she must have really liked this Cikgu and is very open towards her. The other time, in the group WhatsApp, another parent share a picture of another sick child, being comforted by this Cikgu in the canteen. Such compassion she has. It is teachers like this Cikgu that bring faith into the system, no, faith in humanity.

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