Next week is exams week for Jane. It’s probably her first time doing exam. In her times in Tadika Seri Soka, she didn’t have any exams, so this is a new experience to her. She didn’t really like it but yet, on her own accord, she always ask us for help in her revision. And we can tell that she wasn’t extremely stressed by the exams. She’s afraid of it, but she’s braving it.
One interesting thing though - in SKTM, the exams is always before the school holidays. Just like in my old times when we can celebrate the exams with a long break. But in the SJKC that she left, the exams come AFTER the school holidays! The kids must be so stressed during holidays with the impending exams over their mind. I just don’t understand why.


  1. last time mine was before school holidays ...
    but yea , nowadays , i oso tak faham why .....kesian sungguh


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