20 years

How time flies. In the upcoming 3 weeks, I would have spent 20 years in the current company. 20 years! That must be quite an achievement. Many people I know in the company wondered how I survived. Some new comers were not even able to last 2 years. 20 freaking years...

There’s no secret really. I spent half the years in doing technical roles, solving problems. Technical is hard - but it’s binary. Can do or cannot do.

Sales, on the other hand, is a web full of intrugue and black holes. There’s a lot more things to juggle - clients, partners, internal politics, your bosses, weekly reviews, pointless reporting! No wonder people can’t survive.

In the past 3 years, I have been involve in sales and I find myself struggling to keep my sanity.
Why does sales have to be so complex. It’s really just a question of profit and loss. Of discount level and selling price. And yet, the redtape of this company complicates it hundred fold.
No wonder no one is selling. We are busy arguing!


  1. well said...all arguing and pointing at others , less orang working hahaha
    I couldn't stand at all, made me miserable and quit looooonng time ago.....

  2. btw ,welcome back and Bahija is alive again too hahahahahah

  3. welcome back, Bahija. I miss you in this blog! I should write more!


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