Happy New Year, everyone!

Ok, year in review..

2008 is the first year as married man. It's a year of 'doing everything together' - more so now than during courting time. It's the year of spending lots of time with the family (hers and mine). We went to UK and Paris for honeymoon. We tried and succeeded in conceiving a baby. We had our differences and we triumphed over them and became closer soulmates as a result.

It's a year of being more serious about my Buddhist practice. I spoke to two people about Buddhism and they started chanting - which is a good thing. I am praying that they will find happiness out of this practice for self and others and I pray that they come out victorious in life.

It's also a year of trials - as I worked with a new boss and a new team and a lot more focus and visibility to my role.

It's a great year.. although not as exciting as 2007 (*) but definitely different, a year of learning and self discovery.

(*) I realized I didn't blog about 2007 at all.. it was a truly busy (with work) and exciting year (with wedding and furnishing the house). It's not a surprise that there was no update in the blog.


  1. Happy New Year to u and Ms World. 2007 - I also didn't blogged about it ...hee


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