1st Anniversary!

Wow.. time flies! Today is our wedding's first anniversary! Can't believe how one year just flew by! It has been a blissful year, all things considered. Can't wait for the new addition to the family. I bet there will be more colours and joy :)


  1. Huh ? wedding 1st anniversary ???? last year this time, I was in USA wor ...and I remembered I rescheduled my US trip, and came back jetlag to attend your wedding dinner and wedding ceremony wor.... that's Dec 29 , 30 wor ....

  2. Anyway, Happy Anniversary. The other day, I thought about you and Annie too, as I was recollecting my 2008 ... I remembered how I spent my last 2007, remembered your wedding ....indeed, time flies, last year wedding, this year preparing to welcome additional family member :) , things are all working well for both of you ...


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