Facebook or not

Humans are social animal. We can't live like a hermit. We need to have friends and people. But the strange thing is, we shun away when there are too many friends and people. Case in point - one of the challenges of blogging in anonymity is that you can't share personal stuff like photos because what is the point of sharing these with strangers. When I found facebook, I stopped blogging because I could share so much more with people I know in FB.

Then came the new found friends in FB. Acquaintance and people from work start adding you. Even people whom you don't really know but whom nod your head when you see them on the walkway in the office add you as friends. My FB is now almost like a public forum and I just don't feel comfortable "doing things" in FB.

For example, I can't say in my status updates that I am playing games.. or I bought this games, or I am addicted to that games because, come on, let's face it - there are subordinates, colleagues and even managers who are in my Friends list. What would they think if Ringgit has so much time that he spent playing games instead of logging to work from home - yes, I know my private time is my own, but why invite trouble?

So I have reduced my updates in FB and instead came snuggling back to the comfort of being anonymous. He he


  1. Yalor, same thought here. Cool FB allows us to share photos, catch up with many things, yet way TOO MANY folks in the list, and it is a public space .... blog is still the best for 'us' :)

  2. Yeah man. i m getting paranoid also about FB. But i did find some good old friends. How to say no, very susah lah. Not me thinking how to not have thos tags crap.. appear so that oth ppl cannot view kekekee


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