Anniversary - Revisited

Two of my friends commented that they attended my wedding dinner on Dec 29th last year. So how can my anniversary falls on 18th Dec? Very good observations, I have to say. Dec 18th was the day we signed the document at Registra of Marriage in PJ. Dec 29th was the dinner, Dec 30th was the ceremony. There are so many dates to remember that we agreed to use Dec 18th as our official date - since it is a legally approved date. So that's the explanation :)


  1. Ringgit , see la ... I am far better than the business card friend , kan.... though u've removed me from speed dial 8, I still remembered your big dates well :P , ada 'sim' kan...

  2. eh, you are still in my speed dial 8 wor.. I have not removed yet. I removed "business card" friend aje after he migrated.
    - Ringgit


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