Baby girl

I'm happy to say that we will be expecting a baby girl next May! The recent scan from the doctor confirmed that. Of course, the doctor said that it's not 100% accurate and she could turn out to be a boy but it is very likely.

Every time I tell people about the gender, the response is "is this what you want?". Well, for me, I am ok with both but I personally prefer a girl as a first born. A girl would be able to take care of the family and the siblings in the future. And a girl is closer to her father (I know, selfish reasons.. LOL). But I also know, my duty as the only son in the family, would be to have a boy, to carry on the heritage. I wonder if my parents would mind? Don't know for sure. Nevertheles, my secret wish has come true.. he he he..

So what should I name her? Anne?


  1. ooo i just saw this post.

    Sorry ah lately due to aging process abit hard to remember things

  2. see see i wanted to say congrats.. but it slipped my mind before i click on the post button , tak guna sudah.


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