Revenge of the bitch...

Due to popular demand, I present you, Mr Loverboy, Romeo! (real name Harry). For the past few days, he's driving our family nuts. The neighbour's bitch is, um, having "PMS" and it's driving him crazy. In fact, it's driving all the dogs crazy. All of a sudden, from no where, huge number of stray dogs are congregating in front of the neighbours house.. like some "open house". The neighbours are pissed. We are pissed. Romeo is depressed and not eating (again!). It's a crazy world! Posted by Hello

Actually, in my opinion, this particular neighbour is one irresponsible pet owners. They allow their pets (male + female dogs) to roam about the neighbourhood without leash and without supervision. Naturally, when the bitch is having "PMS" (darn, I don't know what is the term for it), she attracts all sort of dogs. What's worse, she has the ability to roam freely and attracts stray dogs from the nearby construction place. And they get pissed when other dogs come to their gates. They tried to shoo them away without knowing the real reason. Serves them right!

Anyway, I have given up on Romeo. No coaxing can get him to eat. Well, let him starve. I have my own depression to handle.. no need to add a dog's depression to my list :P


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