Today, at the leadership symposium, someone asked our Asia Pacific GM on how we, as potential leaders, can be as successful as he is.

He said that he thinks that it is important to:
1. focus on the clients and customers
2. be optimistic as when you are optimistic, the attitude will follow
3. respect your fellow colleague as only with respect you can get things done.

As kimmikanuyi said... dashyatnya [the coincidence]


  1. hey, notice tak thesedays 'dahsyat' happens very often ! like 'signs' are everywhere ...takutnya !!!
    Naturally, it reminds me of praying 5 times to god --> why, cannot do bad things :0. paranoid liow ...

  2. definitely a psycho!!!!! anyways... think money come cheap hor.. sms like gila.. i think this person tak ada kerja lain. alot of crazy people out there. Today somethings really weird happened to me. Will write later in the blog..


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