I am here, to serve

Last Saturyday, while having tea with Loochoomus, we talked about some of our old friends Some of these friends used to look me up on weekend for breakfast. I used to enjoy the company but soon it became work.. a job. My Saturdays schedule are set in stone. Breakfast with Freeman at 9am, Loochoomus at 11am, ZipD at noon. Sometimes (not all the time) with Guderain at 2pm. It's almost clock-like. I became bored and started to complain. I dropped hints. Please don't disturb me. Leave me in peace. At times I get nasty. I refused to talk during breakfast and just give a one/two word answer. As usual, my thick skinned friend ignore me. The situation get worse when most of them get married. The Saturday rituals involved wives! Then babies! You can't blame me for running away!

I told Loochoomus this and he made an observation. He said that I have this effect on people.. even during school days. People want to be my friends. They enjoy my company. They can come from all walks of life, with all sort of interest; they can be English Ed, Cina Ed or in Guderain's case, of different races and yet, we can still have lots of things to talk about. Loochoomus said that Guderain and him share a lot of similar interests and yet, he (used to be) closer to me than to Loochoomus.

This is also true in my adult/working life. If I really want to, I can be a lot of people's best friends :D

My mother use to say, how come I don't attract girls as much as I attract friends? I have no idea.

You know, now that I think about it, what Loochoomus said, it is quite true. I was really popular at school. And in truth, that was because I was fun to be with. I played a lot. I was basically the kid in school. I never grow up. I played and played and played...

Then I stopped playing... and I never recovered. Now I am just boring old ringgit. Even then, the aura is still there. Loochoomus said I should treasure all this friendship and not discard them for I may wake up one morning and find that I am totally alone.

Perhaps that is my purpose in life. To be there to whoever who needed it. To be a loyal companion. To be a friend. To continue playing. To be the fun guy. Perhaps I am supposed to go lunches with Ngor Lou Kong or be nicer to Monica. Perhaps I should start calling Guderain and Freeman (did I tell you that I don't call my friends?). Perhaps I should also start writing to Numeronean and his sister. Perhaps I should stop feeling sorry for myself and start being nice to people.

"I live to serve" .. eh?

Oh well.. we'll see how it goes.


  1. hmmm... Well i think you should be glad you still have friends coming over to see you. My friends all disappeared into thin air and as time goes by and you grow older its difficult to find friends who are sincere. So appreciate what you have :)


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