Living In Egypt: A Blog

I have stumbled upon this blog by pure chance. It was an extremely good read about life in Egypt. This lady write really well. She's a Canadian and have been staying in Egypt for the past 20+ years. She writes about life in Cairo, life as a Muslim, life in the country-side but did not go too much into politics and war (unlike most of the blogs I found). It's a delight to read this blog. I would venture so far as to say that her blog is as entertaining as the stories told by Mido, except she's telling story of current affairs in Egypt, not historical.

I have spent the whole Saturday afternoon (and Sunday) reading this and if you are bored and wanted to know more about life in Egypt, click on:
"Egypt isn't what it appears to be in the media...but that's no real surprise, since not much is. I moved here in the late 80's from Toronto, Canada, with my Canadian/Egyptian husband, my son and my daughter. The children adapted quickly and we decided that this country was a good place to live. Now I wouldn't change my home for anything."


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