Have two incidents to share, both from the wife’s observations:

  1. During Jane’s first day in SKTM school, her mother went with her as it is unfamiliar grounds. While they were in the canteen, with the mother prep-ping her, 3 little girls came over, two Indians and one Chinese girl. Probably coincidence, I am not sure, but they were from the same class as Jane. My wife spoke to them to please take care of their new friends and showed her to her class. All three girls held her hands and shoulder and walked her to the class.

  2. Yesterday, as wife was waiting for Jane to walked out of her school, she saw two Standard Three girls, one with tudung and the other Indian, giving each other a hug before saying goodbyes and parting their ways.

We were touched by the sincerity shown by kids. They have no prejudice and are not racist. I remember my own primary school time where I have Malay and Indian friends. But, as I grow older into my Secondary school, the rift grew apart. I hang out more with friends of the same colour skin. What happened? I really do not know. Is it natural to fall back to being more close with people of the same colour or is it due to other societical reasons?

Meantime though, it feels good to see the sense of muhibbah in SKTM. This came at the right time when we had a block buster movie called Ola Bola, also about the unity of various races in Malaysia towards a common goal (in this case, football).

Am I growing soft?


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