I love Awesome Notes, an app I used to journal my thoughts. I sometimes use it to "release" my anger by tapping my thoughts furiously into the notes.

But a journal is just a journal - it's just notes. It doesn't help me track my mood and help me analyze what might have cause it and how I can help myself avoid this in future.

In come MoodNotes, an app by two certified psychologists. This app is very simple to use. And you don't need to journal an essay. You just tell the app how you feel and what happened and choose some potential feelings. A very simple mood journal-ling. And along the way, it will ask you to categorize how you feel and maybe provide some options for you to think about how you can avoid this mind-trap in future.

I have been using it for the past one week and I enjoy the ability to do some simple "anger management", lol

Read more about it here.


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