Facing people

One thing about signing up your kid into National school (Sekolah Kebangsaan) is that this act seemed to be a taboo among parents. Conversation with my friends usually go along the line of:

Friend: where did you send you kid to school?

Me: we used to send her to Chinese School but find that the Chinese school system does not agree with her.

Friend: ya ya, I tell you, my son also suffers in Chinese school (and conversation goes on about the amount of home work the child have to face and weight of bags will ensue... )

and then comes the question.

Friend: so, where did you send your kid now?

and I think everyone is expecting the answer to be "international" or "private" or, the in-thing these days are "home schooling".

Me: Sekolah Kebangsaan

Friend: oh! (silence, cricket chirping)


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