There seem to be a huge exodus of Malaysian Chinese to Singapore in the last two months. I know of three colleagues who secured a job in Singapore and have moved over. I also know of four other colleagues/friends who are actively looking for a job in Singapore.

What is happening?

Well, we know what’s happening. Malaysia is in chaos. There is a lot of corruption at the top. People do not see a future for their children in Malaysia.

I feel the same way. But I also feel that I am stuck - I can’t leave the current company; I am not that young anymore; and I am afraid of a change at this age and times.

Are we doomed?

And yet, this quote is always on my mind: "there is no pure or impure land, only pure or impure mind” What it means is that if you are not happy with where you are today and you don’t change your mindset, no matter which country or company you go to, you will still be unhappy. The environment and place does not determine your happiness or peace of mind. It is you, yourself that detremine your own happiness.

I am a creature of comfort and I am pretty comfortable where I am, even though I know I am not thrilled to be where I am (work and country). But I needed something to push me to change. I want to change and see how is life in another country.


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