Teluk Intan

I am not sure if I need to update this in Ringgit Places as the blog is dead. I'll just update here and cross reference from there.

We just came back from Teluk Intan - we visited Anne's 3rd uncle who gave a house warming party. It was a short family trip - my whole in-laws went. We drove two cars. 3rd uncle is my favourite uncle in law. He's loud, he's expressive, he's direct - but he's also fun, he been through life a lot and he shares wonderful stories. I enjoy talking to him. So, I was looking forward to this trip - and I tried the famouse Teluk Intan chee cheong fun.. it was as good as people claimed. The texture was smooth and the 'har mai' was crunchy and delicious. Yum.

3rd Uncle booked us a house for the night. This row of semi-Ds, which is a stone's throw away from his new house was designed as a lodging place. On the ground floor, it has 3 rooms, each with it's own bath. Upstairs are 4 rooms with attached bath. It's very clean and very comfortable. I have not heard of such a concept before. A row of semi-Ds designed as a lodging. I am not sure if it is even legal - just last week I read in The Star about residents complaining about this bungalow being converted as a hotel.

3rd Uncle moved to a big house - 24x75 - very spacious house. He bought it for RM182K. Opposite him are new semi-Ds of the same design. I don't know how much it cost but spending a night in Teluk Intan cause me to think that it's a very good place for retirement. You don't need to go Australia to retire. You can retire, right here in Malaysia - just move to a small town and Teluk Intan looks to be just the small town. It's not as 'ulu' as other towns. It has new and modern developments such as 3rd Uncle's Taman. The air is clean - this morning, the whole taman is shrouded in mist. Yes, mist - because it was raining the whole day yesterday. The air smells so fresh!

If I sold my house, I probably could own a bungalow there (edit: ha ha.. I kid myself.. I have not even settled my loan yet! It's not like I own my house now - the bank does...) And life there is quiet and serene. Food is cheap too. A bowl of noodles cost RM2.70 vs RM4 in KL or Ipoh.

The picture on the left showed the morning mist. I wish I was able to capture a better picture.

Teluk Intan is about 40km away from another town called Bidor. Bidor is at the exit of North South Highway. There is not highway linking to Teluk Intan directly - and I guess this 'inconvenience' is its charm because it is disconnected from the world and yet, it is not like the small towns that you see in other parts of Malaysia. Teluk Intan is much better developed and it's very independant and mature. It's old name was Anson and it was a popular town during colonial times which I guess explains the reason it wasn't like any other town.


  1. my place is Ipoh , Ipoh has many good facilities too, not a ulu place as well , gunung, fresh air , cleaner water ...have u eaten Ipoh 'taugeh' ? big bulat2 , Y ? Ipoh water better leh ...haaa


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