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At least you are not drinking in a pub

I blogged about me asking a friend to help me buy GTA4.

Below is a short email exchange between us:

Kittie Kat:
I take it this is a pc game that (wife) does not approve off ;)

It's not that she doesn't approve of this game.. she doesn't approve of me gaming :P

Kittie Kat:
I feel her pain...but then tell her at least you will be at home and not at the golf course or drinking in a pub.....
well i hope you are at home! :)

The exchange leads to me blogging today about this particular topic.

There are men who spent lots of time outside of home, especially the older generations - be it golfing with buddies, mamak with friends, drinking with colleagues or customers, going to arcade centers for video games/bowling (olden days), going to spa/massage centers and lots of other activities. Men are not known to be at home - they usually escape from the house because they just want to be out.

I bet you the wives of these men with interest such as above would complained that their husband is never around the house, not helping out with the kids and chores, not taking care of the house. Some even said that their husbands spend more times with friends and business associates than with them (wives).

And I bet you that they would give the world to see their husbands 'chained' at home.

Now fast forward about 10 years. Men these days are more accessible to video games and computer games and the Internet - mainly because computers are so easy to use and many games are designed for the general public, not hardcore targetted gamers. You hear a lot of people who didn't play games started to get an interest in computer games. I could name you many friends who have zero interest in games now playing them at home.

And so these men, including me, spend A LOT of time at home. We don't go out for drinks, mamak or spa. We stay at home - sometimes between gaming sessions, we helped out with the house chores .. and YET.. the women complains! And the complains are typically - we spent too much time on the PC, we need to go out more, help buy this, buy that.. etc.

You can never win with the women!

So, which is the lesser of the two evils? PC games or Golf/Drinking in the Pub?

Comment away in the comments...
edit: for the record - I played games, at most 1 hour/day. And only full day Saturday - provided we are not going out on Saturday.


  1. i wrote you such a longgggggg comment, then got an error, somemore asked me to report - aiyuh, so putus steam :(

    so next time la, i'll try to recall and comment again..

  2. Aiyo.. so potong stim indeed! Normally, after writing a long post in internet browser, I would do a Ctrl-A to select All and then do a Ctrl-C to copy. Just in case. It's a lesson I learned!!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  3. Women are hard to satisfied, that's true. I have a almost perfect husband, don't drink, don't shop, don't this, don't that, help out with kids, gives me all his money etc etc, yet I still complain. I complain that he travels too much for work, complain he only came home at 3pm on new year eve and he was working on Jan 2!!!

    But not to forget, we complain because we care. If not, couple will live a separate life under the same roof.


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