Ringgit went back to EPF today. This time he had all the forms and supporting documents done. He got a number and was attended to in about 5 minutes of waiting. As the officer went through all his document, another lady came over. She looks like the supervisor. She kept on asking the officer if the documentations are complete. The officer nodded yes. She asked again .. can approve? The officer said yes.. Satisfied, the supervisor hand over a survey form to Ringgit to fill - to feedback on the quality of service. Ringgit asked - is it for THIS officer or for KWSP in general because his experience with KWSP YESTERDAY was not very pleasant. Oh.. the supervisor smiled sheepishly, "it's supposed to be for this officer but if you want to feedback about KWSP also can." Ringgit looked at the form and all the questions are about this officer! He wonders why no one gave him a form yesterday. What's the point of giving a form to a 'successful applicant'?

On a side note, I am very pleased with the online EPF portal. I could already see that my application is now Pending approval. Less than an hour and it showed on my online portal.. Nice!


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