Ringgit is angry! He went to EPF today to process on EPF account 2 withdrawal for the house. He came prepared with the right documentation - he even called EPF hotline to confirm. But he didn't tell them this is a joint name house - he just assumed they knew because he withdrew before. This is a second withdrawal after all and he didn't need much documentation when he did his first withdrawal.

When it was his turn, he showed them the documentation and form and the lady informed him that he has to show that he's related to the two people in the joint name - as in, must show birth cert of everyone listed in the S&P. It's a new policy since Oct 08 - because of many fraud cases, they wanted proof that you are related to the person in the joint name a/c! Ringgit argues that he withdrew before and that they didn't tell him when he called. They said too bad - it's a new policy.

Ringgit is pissed!


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