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Gangsta's Paradise

My department recently employed 3 new kwai los. They are from a non-profit organization that specializes in providing students jobs in other countries. If you just graduated and you wanted to work in another country as a trainee or co-op, you could enroll yourself with this organization and they will find jobs for you overseas. The 3 of them are male, around 23-25 year olds. They are staying in a nice double storey house near my office.

For those of you who knows me, my office is located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Kuala Lumpur. People who stay here are very wealthy and educated. A typical house cost above RM700K. This neighborhood is also the nicest, cleanest, well maintained with beautiful landscape and park place in KL. Roads are paved almost twice yearly. DBKL (the council) cleaned up this place like a religion. There is a police station located not far from the place I work. It is considered a safe and pleasant neighborhood – a dream place to stay of many people.

Three nights ago, one of the kwai los was STABBED at the back while he was walking home from office. It was 11pm when it happened. It's quite late on a Sunday night and there was a pasar malam about a kilometer away. He was walking home and saw two guys on a motorbike, lepaking at KFC. He suspected something and crossed the road. Then he felt the motorbike coming towards him. He ran but they chased after him. He climbed onto the wall of the nearest bungalow but was stabbed at the back. His assailant used a K-Bar knife, the 15cm long Rambo-type knife with teeth.

What’s even more sad is the fact that as he was laying on the road, bleeding, he cried for help. There were drivers driving passed and no one stopped to help. Like I said, this is in a affluent neighborhood where people are more educated and more “Western” minded and yet, people are ignoring an injured Westerner. This guys is quite good looking and well dressed – not at all like a scammer or pretender.

My other colleagues said that even they would not stopped at 11pm to help someone who's lying on the ground because you never know if that guy is just pretending and you might be ambushed. True and valid point but the fact that we have this cold mentality implanted onto us demonstrated the sorry state of our society.

Can you just imagine what his family and the other two kwai los family will think of Malaysia?

Can you imagine what my other Korean colleagues will think of Malaysia?

I hope these guys don’t run away and leave in the cold.

I wouldn't blame them if they did.

Why they wanted to come to Malaysia in the first place is beyond me.


  1. Ringgit

    oh my!! that is just tragic. especially when people came from afar to live in a peaceful place

  2. how did he get help in the end?
    hope he is healing.
    scary scary

  3. He finally hopped into the middle of the road and stopped a car. The driver then helped him called his housemates and after that they called the ambulance. It took the ambulance (from Universiti Hospital, which is perhaps 10km away) an hour to arrive... great service from our public hospital, eh?

  4. It is indeed sad, our society is not turning any better - not caring, quite selfish, tidak apa attitude...Hope he is recovering. Aiii, as I mature in life, I gather more and more negative viewpoints about my own country :(

    Note - being in a affluent area with lots of wealthy folks, this area is not safe anymore , it is the target for snatch thieves ...

    During CNY, most of us usually wish or pray for prosperity ...but i think the most important element now is to pray for 'protection'

  5. Hope your colleage get well soon. Do not blame those who not stoped their car and helped your colleague. Everyone becomes selfish and need to protect themselve in this cruel society.


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