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Sometimes, out of the blue, I do good things for people. I have no idea why I am so nice. Today, I was bitten. It just proves that being nice to certain people is just a waste of time.

The person I am talking about is, of course, Bonnie.

When I was in USA, she asked me to buy a toy by a company called Leapfrog for her 6 months old girl. I was reluctant because toy is big and heavy. I am already challenged in terms of packing things into my luggage. Later however, my big heart tells me to do it. I shopped in Toys R Us and bought her a nice learning soft toy. She also wanted an iPod nano dock and I bought her one also since I am getting a dock for myself.

Anyway, I sent her an email and told her the amount. It cost RM216.64, equivalent to US$56.27.

Instead of depositing RM216.64 into my maybank account she put in RM212.79. The reason is she used the daily exchange rate. I was pissed at that point because here I am, doing her a favour, and instead of paying me the equivalent amount, she's paying me less. I told her that she still owe me RM3.85 because the bank used a higher exchange rate. She jokingly said that she asked me to pay cash when I buy the toy and not credit card. I let it be. She said she will give me the difference when she sees me in office.

Today, I reminded her again that she owe me RM3.85. Guess what she did? The bitch gave me 3 pieces of RM1, 3x 20 sen coin, 4x 5 sen coin and 5 pieces of 1 sen coin. WHAT THE FUCK?

"Why did you give me 1 sen? Is this how you show your gratitude? I am buying things for you and you are short changing me. Where is the courtesy?", I cried loudly so everyone can hear.

"It's still money.."

"The least you could do is give me exact change. I did this favour for you and this is how you repay me. I know what not to do next time. You have no shame, really. At least, TheBoss rounded up the sen when I bought things for her daughters."

"She's the boss.. she can afford it."

"It's common manners.. You obviously don't have any. Please pay me properly."

"I don't have change."

"I do."

"Ok then, here's RM5."

"How would you feel if I give you all in 1 sen?"

"I don't mind at all."

She's lucky I didn't have enough 1 sen. I gave her 1 piece of RM1, a 10 sen coin and 5x 1 sen.

You see, RM3.85 is not a lot of money. It's just US$1. It's just a can of Diet Coke. But money is not the issue here. It's the principal behind it. When people buy you things and carry them 9,000 miles over the Pacific, you are grateful. You treat that person to a nice lunch or maybe a nice cup of teh tarik. You don't short change people and when people ask you for the money, you don't give them 1 sen. Seriously, for a mother of one, I pity her. She's really sick in the head. She hates people doing her favours and yet she behaves this way.

WHAT A BITCH! I won't be nice anymore. I swear!


  1. eh hem... i think u can chuck her into your black list lah. Quite childish to me aye. But then again, I've met ppl with 4 kids or so.. even they have children in their teens.. Still immature like that. Strike her off.. kekeke..

  2. What a cunt! Go puncture her tires or something.

  3. Agreed with zipd. Make all ladies malu saje. chis!!!


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