What do people talk about during lunch and in water cooler today?
Petrol prices, of course. The “blardy govment” has increased petrol prices by 30sen. That’s a 18.5% increase for the year 2006. In the past year one year (from 2005), the price has increased more than 50%! This is RIDICULOUS.

But that’s not what I wanted to bitch today.

Flood, you asked? True, it is sad to see that a good area like Taman Tun Dr Ismail Jaya in Shah Alam being flooded because of heavy rain. I remember passing by that place when I went to ZipD’s aunt condo last year. I remember seeing billboard near that place promoting the place. It’s expensive. A house there cost RM400K and above. So an expensive residential area covered in flood. How embarrassing can that be? The Shah Alam Stadium car park is submerged!

But that’s not what I wanted to bitch today.

What was the hot topic during lunch was that our water drinking has urine smell or, as the newspaper and government called it, "a higher level of ammonia". Just a few days ago, I cleaned up the ground stairs toilet because it smells of urine. I thought perhaps someone in the family did not aim properly when they are relieving themselves. But no matter how much I flushed or hosed the place, the urine smell persisted. I thought nothing of it until the topic was brought up today. My colleague claimed that even when they bathe, the water running through their body smelled of urine. Or when washing their teeth. Omigosh! How low can we get? Syabas, the semi private company running the taps told us that it's chemistry. It amazes me how the people in power thinks that the citizens are some sort of cow or donkey. They must think we are stupid.

This is so ridiculous and embarrassing.

I mulled over this post for a while. On one hand I wanted to post it. On the other, I feel so humiliated to post such a thing. It has come to a point that I felt like airing my dirty laundry. Am I the only one being disgusted by this?


  1. AIYUH .........SO GLAD u BITCHED about this , coz I AM A STRONG SUPPORTER of yours lah, MEMANG STUPID, MEMANG RIDICULAS lunch topic was the same 3 topics toooooooo...I've been GERAM for a while, dunno how to bitch on these liow make me sick and heart sore - aiiiii


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