Brokeback Vacation

You’d notice the lack of updates during the past few days. I went on a “Brokeback Vacation” ™ with a group of old friends. I called it a Brokeback vacation because I’d imagine what other people will think of this group of all males going on a yearly vacation, much like the characters in the movie Brokeback Mountain going on their yearly summer fishing fling. I don’t mean we are in love or something.. Eww..

We went on a “makan” trip to Penang. I ate so much food, I needed a cart to carry my stomach! The four (out of six) of us have known each other for almost 25 years. Can you imagine a group of friends holding on for so long? These people needed a yearly trip to get out of house and family/kids and just enjoying the company of friends. It was a good trip. Very relaxing. We are free to do things on our own – some wanted to rest, some went out and eat continuously, some just enjoying the lounge.

I have another Brokeback Vacation in March with ZipD and friends. This was a yearly PC gaming event until a major argument between Dogbone and DroolMan (how Brokeback is that?) disbanded the group. Let’s hope we will be more civil this time.


  1. so lucky, not many people can still buddy with friends of 25 yrs ago ....this is 'treasure'


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