I cannot believe that I am saying this but I am so glad to see the sun today! It's a beautiful day. I don't think I have seen the sun for 5 days! The office is brightly lit. It's nice. I'll post pictures later..


  1. Yeap. Now - u appreciate SUN :P
    Having 4 seasons nice - every 3 mths - change wardrobe and clothing - Winter to summer is nice, when summer comes - almost everyone dress up sikit, makan ice-cream - have fun with outdoor activities. Winter is for gaya - to pakai jacket - ada style sikit :) , and to hibernate at home, sleep in with heater on and underneath comforter, in wool's pyjamas - wow - niceeeeeeee - be a pig

  2. Sooner or later you will say Malaysia is a better country! I am tuning to every comparison being made!

  3. I'm sorry to disappoint you but that won't happen, AR. Read all my subsequent posts...


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