Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I like cold weather. I hate the hot sun. But you know what? I hate winter too.. not because it is cold but because during winter, it gets dark really fast and you can't really do anything when it's dark and too cold. It's something that affected me psychologically. It's 5pm now and already it has started to get dark. I don't even feel like going out to shop. I wanted to buy my winter clothes as winter is approaching but I don't have the mood.

I like to analyze things. I am trying to see if my reluctance to go shopping is due to the dark winter nights or if it was due to the fact that I have to shop alone now. I mean, a year ago, I probably don't mind shopping alone. A year with Anne and I can't bear to do things alone now. How le?

So, let me assure myself by saying it's not Anne who's the factor here. It's the darn depressing winter chills and winter nights.


  1. Annie this, Annie that. Get a grip on yourself man. You're where most people would want to be (well, those who couldn't afford to go at least) and you should let down your hair and enjoy the place, its environment and the things you can see/buy despite the chilly weather.

    You can Annie all you want when you return. She's not going anywhere.

  2. Winter is like that. You feel like hybernating :P You feel lethargic. Its very normal during winter. too bad ah.. houston got no snow.. :P
    The first snow would have been beautiful!!!!

  3. zipd,hahaha well said