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Another thing that really makes sense in USA is the car-related designs. Little things about the cars which I'll explained below made so much sense it boggles my mind why we didn't adopt it in MY. For example, the remote control has the same features as our car in MY - lock, unlock, unlock trunk and warning (red). As you walk to the car and press unlock button in the remote, the headlights, in-door light and back lights all lit up for 10 or 15 seconds. Only the driver door is unlocked. The passenger door, the two back doors remained locked. This is a safety feature as only the driver can get into the car. Press the unlock button the second time and all the other 3 doors will be unlocked. Makes sense? This is especially useful in dangerous Kuala Lumpur.

Inside the car, when you closed the door, there is a pleasant beep sounding to remind you that you need to buckle up and that the hand brake is up. If you start your car and get into gear and move with the handbrake on, this beep will sound again. Make sense?

You reached your destination and get out of the car. You press the lock button and the car is locked. Pressing the lock button again will cause the car horn to honk once (and the lights lit up). This is useful in two count - one it is an audible sound to let you know that your car is locked in case you are not sure if it's locked. Also, when you want to locate your car, you can press this and the car honked. I know we can always press the red button to cause the alarm to go off when locating your car but why do you need the whole alarm to sound when a simple honk and light suffice (especially in a shopping complex)?

Finally, handbrakes and gear. The modern world is all about automatic transmission. So, why in the world do we still need the damn gear in between the driver seat and passenger seat? It's auto, you don't need it there. The Ford that I drove has the gear in the place where the car light stick used to be (i.e. just behind the steering wheel). The hand brake is just a pedal on the far left. This free up the space in between the driver seat and passenger seat so you have more space if you want to. Currently, they put in a hand-rest with a "container" for your drinks and keys. This hand-rest can be pushed up so that you have more sitting space if you want to.

Doesn't all this make sense to you?

If so, why aren't we using it?


  1. Hey, I have an idea... why don't you buy a Ford when you come home and dump that junk o' a Wira of yours.

  2. The Ford in Malaysia will not have these features also...

  3. deBoss thinking to change to Lexus. He said new cars has the slot where you can plug in your i-Pod. Isn't that cool? I think iPod really know how to sell its product, it get into every aspect of your life. Soon owner an iPod will be like something necessary, something like everyone has a stereo set in the car.


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