Can I ask you a favour?

Yesterday Bonnie came over to me and, I quote, said "Can I ask you a favour?". Woooo hooo.. See? I told you so. She wanted me to help her buy Avent baby products because I will be going to Singapore next week. Mua hahahaha.. Of course, I will buy it for her. I am nice... but it's just that somebody is eating their own words. LOL.


  1. Dude, if i remembered well, after this 'pass the point of no return'(oh boy - i think of my favourite POTO )....okay, back here, and after u guys attended some relationship class, and your new 'leaf', I don't hear or see you bringing up Bonnie liow. And, I tot that is positive loh. I mean everyone is unique - has their mood swing, diff characters, behaviours etc etc - which sometimes get to ur nurve lah (u kan SNAG) - but being able to forgive Bonnie & forget - isn't that better ? well, I definitely feel better this way, rather than holding the grudges - no point. So, being nice - is GOOD, enjoy your trip :)


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