Belief and Faith

What is the difference between belief and faith? That was one thing I remembered clearly from this week's Alpha. An example was given: there was this guy who has the remarkable ability to walk on tight rope. He has this rope across the Niagara Falls and he could just walk on the rope, cooked egg while on the rope and even wheeled a wheelbarrow across the rope. He was so popular that even one of the famous Dukes in England went to see him perform. So, he pushed the wheelbarrow on that tiny piece of rope and the Duke was amazed. He asked the Duke if he believed that he can do this again? The Duke said he believed. The master-walker said "then hop in".

And this is where the difference between believing something and having faith. Faith is taking the next step, taking an action, doing something.

Today, Loochoomus told me about this shares in KLSE that he's eyeing. He told me all the analysis he made. He asked me to go on this shares with him. I believe him.. but do I have faith in his judgement?

Well, I sold some of my shares and go into this one :D


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