I attended my first Alpha class yesterday. Nicky Gumble's video is really nice and thought provoking. I didn't really like the break out session though. I thought it was boring to hear other people talk and boy, the people in my group loved to talk. The worse thing was the moderator did not know how to moderate and allowed people to yak non stop.


  1. thats life man.... got to deal with it.. either you join them to be talkative or just be quiet.. hahaa
    until you cannot tahan then hantam them kau kau...

    You should have been in lynda's group. She would be a good moderator...

    Your moderator's name don't happen to be regine is it?

  2. This is the reason I do not like to join cell group, too much unnecessary sharing. A friend of mine brought me to her cell group, majority of them are successful but single women. One of them was so eager to share with me her love problem in detail. I was thinking, hello, I just met you for less than 2 hours, you want to tell me every single detail of your private life? Give me a break.


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