I was talking to an American guest today on some Chinese superstitions. While she respected some of our unique taboos, I can see that she has this "it's so ridiculous" look on her face. On my way home, I realize that there really is something to this superstitions that most Chinese believed and feared.

When I was fending off unwanted relatives' remarks on when I am going to settle down, I don't use chemistry as the excuse. The older folks will not be able to understand why younger people needed chemistry to marry. They come from a generation where arranged marriage is acceptable, so telling them that you and the girl do not have chemistry is like telling them that you are marrying an alien from Venus. That notion will never hit home.

I have this excuse which I always use when being attacked by my aunts and uncles. I told them that all my male cousins (from both my father's and mother's side) married after their sister married. I said that if the sister, be it elder or younger, do not marry and leave the house, the male will never get married or have a girlfriend. It's like the sister is the curse to the brother. In order for the curse to be lifted, they have to adopt another surname. And it's proven. All my male cousins from both my mother's siblings and from my father's brothers and sister did not find their girlfriends (wives) until after their sisters married.

I told my uncle and aunt that it is either a family curse or some sort of tradition that I somehow were destined to follow. They usually laughed at me and said "rubbish" even though I know they must know it is true since their sons didn't get a girl until their daughters married.

And the most amazing part is that the moment my sister announced to my parents that her boyfriend proposed to her, I found Anne. The curse have been lifted!

Curse or superstitious? You tell me.

(I'd like to think it is God's grace, though, heh heh, but it does make a good blog topic)


  1. wah,'? ??' -'siong hei' ....your parent sure 'senyum gigi besar-besar' :) U r such a joker - able to analyzed the whole family trees - and found out 'the male' punya problem :P. today Lalalililatappong punya Bday, I dah 'chooi' her many times to kahwin cepat2 - may be this chinese superstitous thingy call 'chong hei' will bring me luck hor , when she announce kahwin, i may have luck ....this is not only a good blog topic , also a good dream for me to go mimpi now ! ciao :P


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