Is she the one?

The other day, ZipD asked, nonchalantly, a very simple question: "Is she the one?" I was taken aback. Where was the usual gaming trash talk? Why such a question? I thought for a while and replied, "I sure hope so." He said "Hope so? What do you mean?" in which I countered "How do you know that your wife were the one?". He said, you just know.


Interesting... Is that really true? That you just know? I can understand the whole chemistry part where you know she's the right one to be a girlfriend.. but to be the ultimate "THE ONE"? How can one know? Wow.. I have to think about this first...


  1. Another sign is that you cannot find any wrong in the relationship, you feel SO RIGHT and you also think why you waited this long to meet or date this person.

  2. You could be right, telur. I can't find any thing about Anne that irritates me. There's something about the way she handled her past finances, which is questionable, but that's really because she is just being a filial ("hou soon") girl. This, in fact, served to underscore her really good character.

    Other than that, she's just "so right", as you have put it so aptly. Maybe this is it. My search has ended here.


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