Month of May

It's almost the end of May 2005. This month has been my busiest month ever.. having to juggle between relationship, work, American guest, and friends. Of course Anne has my utmost priority, the rest are just meh. However, the fact remains that a lot of things happened in May. I remember telling people that May 2004 was my busiest month of the year too. Thankfully I have started blogging at that time and looking back at my archives, indeed, I was very busy in May.

This post, written exactly 1 year ago, talked about how I had finally settled down in the new house and how it was a relief for me. In that post, I pondered about my move to AU and outlined how difficult it was to let go of things. What's on my mind now, after one year of serious pondering? I can't really answer this question especially with Anne in the picture now. It would be even more difficult to move. I have talked to Anne about it and we are still unsure how the pieces should be moved. She's very supportive though, so that could still be a possibility. I guess, the "boat will move straight when it reaches the shore". We'll see.

In my discussion with my manager, I have always told her about my intention to live and work in another country. She has been pretty graceful about it and have been keeping an eye opened for me. Unfortunately opportunities did not come so I am still in square one. On retrospect, I am thankful to God that there was no opportunity at that time. If I were in AU, I would not have met Anne and everyday I still find myself thanking God that she's in my life because I don't think I ever met anyone as incredible as her in my life.

I digress. I will write more about Anne in this blog one day.

Yesterday my manager told me that there *might* be an assignment in USA for me but it is for a short duration: 6 months instead of 2 years. She wondered if I may want to consider that. I crack my head again as this assignment is yet another variable in my already very complicated dilemma. If I chose the assignment, it will be bad form for me to ask for a leave of absence (or quit to move to AU) when I return from USA. If I did not choose to take this assignment and later, for some unknown reasons, I decided not to go AU, will I regret it?

Ahh... decisions, decisions, decisions...

Oh! :)


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