Yesterday I met up with Kimmikanuyi, Monica and Anti-Ringgit in Mosin Restaurant. I don't believe we have gathered like this for a long, long time. Of course I was grilled by Monica about Anne. Of course she's happy for me and will help me pick up a birthday gift for her. Trust Monica to be so helpful. I am sure she will have a good eye for a good gift.

Now, I really do not know what to get for Anne. Is it too early to get an expensive gift? Monica said that will scare her away. She suggested bouquet of flowers which may be nice and all but it has no memories... you know, once the flowers withered and dried. I wanted to get her something special. After all, it is her first birthday with me.



  1. Dude, send flowers to Annie is a strategy - first of all, most women naturally like flowers, those strongly say tak suka also - I tell u, deep in their hearts - they definitely value the FIRST bonquet of flowers sent by their sweethearts one, the feeling of receiving flowers is very sweet punya lah, sure smiley face (though we know it is not practical - tak last long), but u see, we, ladies can turn it into dried flowers (then can keep long long liow loh) ....Secondly, it is a signal to all her 'admirers' in her office - that she is attached liow, indirectly chase away all her 'mosquitos' mah. Flowers aje tak cukup wor, think harder on the 'gift' lah :P :P

  2. The thing is, I have sent flowers to her a few times already... chasing mosquitoes away.. Hmmmm...

  3. I am still poor lar. If I buy a watch and then later a nice candlelight dinner, I think I can't afford flowers anymore lar. I'm sure Anne understands :D As for the mosquitoes, these bugs can still be chased away when they see her new watch and enquire :D


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