Yet another day come and gone. This shift sucks real bad. I mean, come on! Work till 8pm! It's like having no life! I can't catch my favourite movie. When I reached home, I am dead tired. Arrggghhh!

But on the other hand starting work at 8am is even worse. I cannot imagine myself starting so early. Another crazy thing but seems to be a lot of people's favourite time.

Dave called today. Said there will be a house warming at his new place in Club UK - wherever that is. Not sure if the rest of the gang is going or not. I sure hope they do coz I don't want to go alone.

Similarly, July, there will be a few wedding dinners to attend. Considering I am extremely anti-social and tried to avoid making friends, I have like many, many wedding dinners to attend. What's with these people???!

Damn I am bitter today.


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