The haze has worsen today. While driving along LDP to work, I could hardly see the IKEA sign. That is how bad it is.

The haze reminded me of the list I made last time about why MY sucks. Haze is one of them. Imagine. Such a sucky place to stay.

When I looked back at the list, one of my major complains was the FREQUENT water cut in Sri Sinar, the old house. I still remember those times - we can have water cut 3 times a month! Almost once a week on average!

Coincidentally, this morning, mom was talking to the neighbour. She (neighbour) said that in her 10 years of staying in Menjalara, she has only experienced water cut ONCE! ONE TIME in 10 years! You have no idea how happy we were when we heard that! I mean, it's like, our prayers ARE answered.

However, the pessimist in me says that with the current development of Desa Park City and Sunway SPK Damansara nearby, there's bound to be more water-cuts in the forseeable future. SIGH... I pray that I am wrong this time.


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